7 Best Fabric Shavers of 2024

7 Best Fabric Shavers of 2024

<p><a href=” target=”_blank”>Sweaters</a> are a cozy favorite, whether you’re into fashion or not. But it’s frustrating that so many picks, no matter the price, eventually pill, sprouting a field of tiny balls caused by short, broken fibers. To the rescue: a good fabric shaver. This little gadget can shear off pills on all kinds of clothing, from <a href=” target=”_blank”>workout leggings</a> to <a href=” target=”_blank”>dresses</a>, so they look new again and last longer. Some garments pill within the first or second wear in areas exposed to friction (such as under the arms, along the side seams or where your handbag strap rubs).</p><p>To find the <strong>best fabric shavers,</strong><strong></strong> the experts in the <a href=” target=”_blank”>Good Housekeeping Institute</a>’s Home Care & Cleaning Lab<strong> </strong><strong>tested 18 pill removers, from electric shavers to simpler tools like fabric combs</strong>. When we previously tested this category, we washed and dried rayon-polyester blend sweaters 15 times to create the worst possible pilling scenario, then put each shaver to work. Since then, we’ve tested and considered several new models. This list is a mix of picks from our previous and recent tests, along with consumer favorites.<br></p><p>Read on after our top picks and learn more about how we test fabric shavers and how to use them safely on your treasured garments and home furnishings (yes, even <a href=” target=”_blank”>sofas</a> and chairs) so they look great for years. </p>”/>

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