Guests Want to Ban This Type of Clothing From Disney


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A fierce debate was sparked among Guests after a shirt went viral in the online Disney theme park community.

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In the last few months, there’s been a growing problem at the Disney Parks and Resorts. Sure, line-cutting and overall bad behavior is still as prevalent as it ever was, but a very specific problem seems to pop up the most frequently. If you’ve ever visited Walt Disney World or Disneyland, you’ll surely have already taken notice of what Guests wear when they visit the Parks and Resorts.

We’ve covered dress code debates quite extensively here at Inside the Magic, and they seem to keep on coming.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at DisneylandBig Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland
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From tiny bikinis to going completely topless, Guests tend to take quite a few liberties when it comes to the dress code in the Disney Parks. Disney has laid out rules for all Guests visiting its Parks, which include limiting revealing clothing as well as outlawing certain items entirely. Guests over 14 years of age are not permitted to wear costumes once inside the Parks.

However, despite clearly laying these rules out, Guests don’t always listen to Disney’s orders. It’s common protocol to approach Guests wearing inappropriate clothing and hand them a voucher that can be redeemed for in-Park merchandise like shirts and shorts. Unfortunately, some Guests even show up to the front gates of the Parks in skimpy attire on purpose just so they can snag free clothing in an attempt to take advantage of this process.

A post recently got people talking online after fans took note of a common choice of attire for Guests at Disneyland. The post shows a Guest wearing a shirt advertising weapons and supporting the 2nd Amendment. Of course, Guests are free to have their own political beliefs, but wearing shirts with guns on them may rub a lot of Guests the wrong way.

I noticed a lot of people wearing pro 2A and political shirts. Do you all feel that this is the appropriate place to wear those shirts. Wondering what the consensus here is.
by u/Objective-Extent-397 in Disneyland

“It’s not against the rules, but I personally find any political wear at Disneyland kind of tacky,” said one fan. Another user commented on the shirt, saying political attire is a “garbage move,” and they dislike anyone who chooses to dress like this. Some fans even went so far as to say shirts like this should not be able to enter the gates of Disney.

Others stated Disney should make it a rule that shirts such as these are banned from the Parks entirely. Disney has a dress code for a reason, and it not only ensures the safety of others but also acts as a way to maintain Disney’s “family-friendly” atmosphere.

What do you think about shirts like these? What rules should Disney put in place?


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