Here’s the Best Design Style for Each Zodiac Sign

Go big or go home is Leo’s sentiment. They prefer to have the color on the walls align with their color-theory analysis to showcase themselves in the best lighting for Zoom calls. This could lead to a fantastic mural or wallpaper with a bright and cheerful print. Leo’s maximalist style means the regal lion prefers to have every corner filled – end tables in different tones are a must – as well as a statement rug and stylish settee in a lush fabric to show off their eclectic and electric style.

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Minimalist decor is the best option for the lowkey earth sign when it comes to designing their home. Virgos believe less is more so they’ll forgo the big-screen TV and electronics to create a serene and calming atmosphere. They will have sparse wall hangings, except for a bookcase that’s organized by color. Beyond that, Virgo will desire a shag rug that matches their walls (both rug and walls in light beige or gray) and introduce a different color in the kitchen. A teapot with matching cups is all they need to cast tones.

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Libra prefers monochromatic interior design because they like their home to be sleek and stylish. Although picking a base color will be challenging for the indecisive air sign, once they do, they’ll be able to assess the shades they want to incorporate. This will allow them to have contrast and, more importantly, feel their home is balanced and elegant. Mirrors are crucial, so it’s key to use them on furniture or the walls to accentuate the flow and the different tones.



Scorpios are known for their mysterious and intense demeanor. Even though they aren’t dramatic in the way they approach life, they tend to bring that vibe to their dwelling. As a result, the water sign swims toward gothic, rock ‘n’ roll, and mystical elements in their homes. Tapestries and couches covered in dark velvets like aubergine, burnt orange, dark gray, and navy will captivate their style. Also, the scorpion will incorporate ornate furniture, chandeliers, candelabras, and moody lighting. A Scorpio’s abode is a castle that protects them from danger and is the reason they gravitate to an edgier aesthetic.

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As the adventurous and wanderlust sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius likes to bring all the treasures from their travels into their home. The fire sign retains a bohemian vibe that celebrates their spirit. A Moroccan rug, wicker chair, photos from their journeys, and throw blankets in multicolors are a Sagittarius dream. Decorative objects fill the shelves and tables, leaving little room for anything except a map to plan their next trip and a Polaroid camera to record spontaneous events.

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Being one of the more traditional zodiac signs means that Capricorns gravitate toward a retro look in their home. They have a classic style and like to utilize color in antiquated ways. The sea goat requires a place that helps them relax after a long day at the office or school. A rug with a ’70s vibe and an old-fashioned living room table will enhance their design aesthetic. It will bring them out of their comfort zone with a chic, manicured, thought-out approach where they can reflect all day long.



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