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Light, design, and style: A unique collaboration elevates home lighting

Embark on a journey through light and shadow, intimacy and elegance, raw and refined, Israeli and international styles. An inspiring collaboration between product designers Guy Mishaly, Racheli Bukenboim, and the esteemed Prat Living stores introduces mesmerizing new lighting fixtures that will elevate your home to new heights of quality and style.

Now is the time to relax and enjoy every moment of the day in an atmosphere filled with special, stunning lighting, and to flood your home with light.

(credit: Pavel Zobenko)
(credit: Pavel Zobenko)
(credit: Pavel Zobenko)

The partnership with Guy Mishaly Studio began last year. With the opening of the new Prat Living store at 19 Levontin, the sibling to the beloved and long-standing Levontin 24, the two entities came together to create and significantly expand their models. They crafted a collection that broadens the heart and infuses the realm of design and the home with light and style.

All the lighting fixtures are available for purchase at Prat Living stores.

(credit: Pavel Zobenko)
(credit: Pavel Zobenko)

Dori: A dreamlike linear fixture, featuring a precise combination of wood and acrylic, and blending linear lines with a round shade to produce a pleasant light beam. Suitable for above an island, dining table, or home office. You can also combine two Dori fixtures in series or in a tiered arrangement for a sophisticated and unique look.

Coloured Norma: The iconic and successful Norma light fixture, now in a new, colorful version! A wonderful mix of birch wood, acrylic glass, and brass accents, born from inspiration, shape, movement, memory, and homage—in this case, all together. Norma Jean Baker, better known as Marilyn Monroe, and a scene etched in mind. The new and colorful Norma is available in three shades to choose from—smoky brown, smoky blue, and smoky green, with a diameter of 40 cm. The innovative gradient painting technique gives the light fixture a unique and stunning look both when the light is off and especially when it is on.

Lina: A beautiful standalone Lina for a reading corner, above a coffee table, or beside a bed, and it works wonderfully in clusters for larger spaces. It combines wood, acrylic, and a Linstra bulb, with its movement in space captivating the eye.

Joy: A new wall lamp, the kind we always look for in a room or hallway, but want it to have character and add interest almost like art, but with light. The fixture is available in a brown acrylic version or with striped glass.

Eve: A small and humorous light fixture, combining the magical materials of wood and acrylic or wood and stainless steel. This captivating fixture is dual-purpose and functions as both a table or wall fixture (requires an outlet). It comes in two sizes to choose from and three optional finishes. If you’re bold enough to choose the mesmerizing, intriguing, and inspiring Rainbow finish, the magic will be even more significant.

(credit: Oren Amos)
(credit: Oren Amos)
(credit: Oren Amos)

To conclude, just before you choose the right light fixtures for you, we’ve prepared a short and important guide that lays out concepts and everything important to know about choosing lighting for your space.

Natural Light: Use natural light as much as possible. Consider the location of windows to maximize daylight in your home.

Types of Lighting: Typically, there are three main types of lighting: ambient (general lighting), task lighting (focused light for specific tasks), and accent lighting (used to highlight specific features).

Lighting Layers: Use layers of lighting—primary lighting for the space, task lighting for specific tasks like in the kitchen or office, and ambiance lighting to create a special atmosphere.

Lighting Layout: Plan your lighting layout carefully, considering the function of each room and the activities that will take place there.

Different Types of Fixtures: Choose lighting fixtures that complement your home style. Ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, and/or table lamps can create layered lighting effects.

Use of Soft Lighting: Use soft lighting in the living room or bedroom. Soft lighting creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Also, check the areas where natural light enters through windows and consider this in the design process.

Use of LED Lighting: You can use LED lighting, known for its energy efficiency and available in a variety of colors and designs. This lighting allows high control over light intensity, alongside the variety of colors that can create different moods and atmospheres.

Peripheral Lighting: Use peripheral lighting around or under cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom to create a highlighted effect and upgrade the design.

Choosing Lamps and Upgrades: Choose interesting and design-oriented lamps that can add style and character to different spaces in your home.

Dimmers and Smart Lighting: Installing dimmer switches or using smart lighting systems can give you control over the brightness and atmosphere of your home.

Raw Materials: Choose lighting fixtures that combine different raw materials. A variety of materials will create a statement, uniqueness, and presence. Combine wood, textile, and acrylic.

Contours: A lighting fixture is a place to dream and create, to combine raw materials alongside different contours, to play between linear lines and a round shade, and to mix coal, iron metal curves, fabric wires, and more.


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