Olivia Culpo’s ‘bubble sofa’ is trailblazing a 2025 trend |

Olivia Culpo’s Encino home is a masterclass in decorating with shades of white. The former Miss Universe’s living room uplifts cream and gray hues alongside warm wood and black accents for an incredibly stylish and contemporary look. Though the whole room is gorgeous, one piece of furniture makes the look: Culpo’s sofa.

The model’s living room ideas are defined by her light gray sofa. Her long innovatively-shaped couch is a true statement piece. Not only does Olivia Culpo look deeply comfortable laying across the sofa, but the striking shape brings a contemporary and artistic feel to her space. The design matches perfectly with her textural, long shag rug, and creates an inviting contrast against the harsher angles of the linear abstract painting hanging on the walls.


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