August 11, 2022

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Pertlink In Conjunction With DTC Completes Inaugural Training And Graduation For Marriott International IT Associates In Asia Pacific

IT consulting services firm Pertlink announces the completion of its IT training program and Graduation ceremony for over 200 Marriott International IT associates across Asia Pacific. Development of the program took 18 months, and the curriculum is a collaboration with a hospitality education institution in Bangkok, Thailand and was created with the aim of supporting Marriott’s continued growth and performance excellence in the APAC region.

With Marriott International in Asia Pacific as a forward-thinking and pioneer anchor client, Pertlink in collaboration with Frouke Gerbens (DTC – College Rector) and Zeph Norrish (DTC – Executive Director for Professional Programs) from the education institution in Thailand set out to develop a customized curriculum comprising a mix of industry best practices and Marriott proprietary policies and operating procedures, resulting in hands-on training programs for Marriott APAC’s IT managers and IT leaders.

Since the start of the training program, three dedicated training programs as part of the curriculum have been launched:

  • Hotel Pre-opening Project Management certification training
  • Senior Cluster Leaders leadership development program
  • IT Audit Fundamentals Certification Workshop (bilingual English and Mandarin)

The training curriculum adopted a hybrid approach consisting of pre-reads, online videos, live online workshops and tutorials, and final assessments. The hybrid design allowed Marriott Associates across multiple time zones to participate and learn from each other’s experiences. The program also allowed for flexibility in schedules where participants were able to pace their learning in between live sessions.

Martin Bookallil, VP Information Technology, Marriott International, Asia Pacific

added, “We were very pleased to collaborate with Pertlink on this first bespoke training program dedicated to hospitality IT. We received very positive feedback from the attendees with more than 90% satisfaction. We expect to further expand our offerings and upskill our workforce to drive our growth.”

Terence Ronson, Founder and Managing Director, Pertlink, shared, “We believe that other hospitality groups can benefit from a similar approach. In light of emerging hospitality and education technologies, we are continuously working with industry leaders and education establishments such as DTC to enhance the learning platform and content with the aim to benefit hotel IT professionals across the industry. This is especially important as the industry adapts to new practices and the investment into human capital needs to be an essential part of that transformation process.”

Established in 2000, Pertlink’s mission has been to enhance IT awareness and usage so as to not only manage day-to-day operations, but more importantly, drive business, enhance the customer experience and help maximize RoI of the tech investment.

Pertlink Limited commenced operations on October 23rd 2000, and as IT Consultants exclusively caters to clients connected with the hospitality industry, helping them work through the maze of new technologies. Not only is Pertlink strategically placed to serve the industry from its headquarters in Hong Kong, it has been internationally recognized by numerous organizations as a global reach company helping the industry through its unique and unparalleled network of people who have vast expertise in the Hotel and IT industries. The team behind Pertlink, whose collective knowledge will be an asset to any company – will help maximize a Hotel’s guest experience making it a positive one through the way technology is developed, marketed and used in the Hotel industry.

Terence Ronson
Managing Director