The Best Hangers of 2024

A good hanger will keep your closet tidy and your clothes neat and free of damage.

After testing dozens of hangers over more than seven months with a range of clothing, we recommend Proman’s Kascade Hanger as the best and most durable general-purpose hanger for most wardrobes.

We also recommend seven other hangers, depending on your space, wardrobe, and budget.

Our pick

Lightweight and well constructed with a consistent finish, yet affordably priced.

Lightweight and slim with uniform construction, the Proman Kascade Hanger is an affordable, classic, and versatile clothing hanger style. Its consistently smooth edge finishing, hooks for chain-linking hangers vertically, and sturdy construction set it apart from competing models we tested. Our top all-purpose wooden hanger pick has range: It’s strong enough to hold heavier winter coats and even suits while also accommodating pieces with delicate straps. If you buy a box, you’ll probably never have to worry about buying hangers again.

Upgrade pick

These PVC-coated steel hangers cost more than our top pick, but they’re elegant and available in a few forms and colors, and they’ll last for years.

Another good option if you have garments prone to slipping, Mawa’s Space-Saving Hangers are slim, compact hangers with an elegant, continuous steel-rod design that will last for years. Their anti-slip PVC coating (available in several colors) keeps even the slinkiest clothes from falling to the floor. We like the variety of hanger styles, too, including the Euro, whose downturned-arc shape prevents shoulder denting in knit fabrics, the Silhouette, which has the more well-known shoulder-shaped profile (for jackets and blazers), a pant hanger, and a hanger for draping scarves, belts, or ties. The steel material, space efficiency, and long-term durability of these hangers make them a worthwhile investment.

Also great

A slim design with a coating that grips fabric but also allows pants to slide off the bar easily.

For pants and trousers, we like The Container Store Chrome Pant Hangers. The PVC nonslip coating holds pant fabric firmly, allowing for easy browsing through a closet, but it also permits pants to slide off without sticking, in contrast to rubber-coated models. The slim shape is space efficient but prone to causing slight creasing, unlike bigger and bulkier felt-bar designs.

Upgrade pick

A felt-covered pant bar keeps your trousers free of a crease, but this model is four times the price of our pants pick.

If you can spend considerably more, get the Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project Luxury Wooden Felted Trouser Bar Hanger. This hanger style is pricey, but it uses premium materials and has an excellent finish, with a pant bar that both grips and prevents creases better than the rest. Available in two sizes and three wood finishes, this hanger is a luxurious splurge worthy of your special-occasion slacks and trousers.

Upgrade pick

A slim hanger with the most secure clips we tested.

Among the three skirt hangers we tested, the clips on the Mawa 12″ Skirt Clip Hanger felt the most secure, and each hanger took up slightly less physical space than the competition. An industry-leading 10-year warranty makes this skirt hanger stand out.

Upgrade pick

A graceful curve ending in a 2½-inch wide shoulder yoke will keep suits and coats in tip-top shape between wearings.

Some suits and coats deserve extra care, and the Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project Luxury Wooden Jacket Hanger is designed for garment storage of expensive items whose shape you wouldn’t entrust to a noncontoured wooden hanger. Its very wide shoulder yoke supports the heaviest garments without causing dimpling or creasing.


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