Eid al-Fitr 2024: Latest Mehndi designs: Stunning Mehndi Designs for Eid al-Fitr 2024: From Arabic to Indian Styles |

The sacred month of Ramadan is finally ending with our Muslim brothers and sisters waiting eagerly to enjoy and celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid Ul-Vida, marking the beginning of the Eid-al-Fitr festival. Coming together and reciting the Holy Quran while sending and receiving well wishes, people purchase new clothes and accessories and meet their friends and family on this auspicious eve.For this holy day, let’s take a look at some stunning mehndi designs for Eid al-Fitr 2024, ranging from Arabic to Indian styles.
The floral designs
Floral mehndi patterns can never go out of style as they look visually stunning and appealing with the intricate flower pattern detailing leaves and vines which create a mesmerizing effect. They make the hands look fresh and add a natural charm to them. You can either opt for a full hand art or can simply draw a large flower in the middle with vines on the ends of the palms.
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The moon designs
Moon designs look the best option for Eid celebrations as it symbolizes the sacredness of Ramadan with the joyfulness of Eid celebrations. You can opt for a beautiful crescent moon design with stars in the centre of the hand and they can be surrounded by the intricate designs and patterns of delicate motifs. Girls willing to have a touch of sophistication with an elegant grace can opt for this mehndi pattern design.
Arabic mehndi designs
Arabic mehndi is one of the most common designs which features bold lines with intricate details creating an enchanting whimsical look. Arabic designs mainly feature floral patterns with geometrical shapes and swirls which adds drama and elegance to the hands and creates a beautiful illusion.
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Minimalist designs
If you are someone who embraces simplicity, then the minimalist moon or star motifs with geometric pattern design should be the best option as they create a modern and understated elegance on the hands with a clean and subtle beauty in your hands.
Indian mehndi designs
Indian mehndi designs are mostly done with lehenga or salwar kameez outfits which include meshworks and paisleys on the hands with a touch of floral patterns having vines and leaves with a round and fuller pattern.
Portrait mehndi design
Portrait mehndi can be called a self-expression pattern of mehndi design showing one’s artistic prowess. People usually create portraits or facial designs of their loved ones with intricate designs and lifelike images around the portrait or main figure.
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Moroccan mehndi design
Mainly popular around the Middle East Gulf countries, this type of design is similar to Arabic mehndi designs but is simpler than that. Moroccan mehndi designs look traditional with a unique and trendy base and are believed to ward off any evil with its particular diamond-shaped mehndi design which is created to protect the individual from any evil eye.
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Bridal mehndi design
If you are a newly-wed bride and celebrating your first Eid with your in-laws then opt for the bridal mehndi which has different types of vines and flowers with deep-rooted Indian cultural designs as well which looks stunning and makes your hand attractive with the sharp and intricate detailing.
Jewellery mehndi design

Creating patterns of jewellery on the hand such as a ring-attached bracelet or simple ring illusions around the fingers, the jewellery mehndi design looks simple and subtle, but attractive. You can thus opt for toned down or simpler bangles and ring sets as the mehndi design already creates a stunning illusion.
Pakistani mehndi designs

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The Pakistani mehndi designs usually include mosques, mandala designs, leaves, flowers, and domes, creating stunning art illusions with a fuller look. It mainly represents the values and traditions of Pakistan, resonating with their culture and heritage with bolder outlining and stunning detailing.


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