7 Hot Home Styles This Summer

Home designs are becoming a mishmash of many styles. On one end, there’s calming, Zen-like retreats in softer color palettes, while on the other end, it’s all about dark and moody colors that are bold and memorable.

Home remodeling site Houzz identified the top emerging home design trends seeing an uptick in attention this summer based on surveys of homeowners, designers and contractors.

  1. Organic modern styles. “Organic modern design elements form a balanced mix of sleek lines and crisp white or neutral-colored surfaces, contrasted with natural forms and materials,” Houzz notes in its trend report. For example, Houzz reports that online searches have more than tripled year-over-year for “organic modern bedrooms.” Also, over the past year, “organic modern” searches for dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms also are rising significantly.
  2. Dark and moody colors. While some styles are getting more muted, others are getting bolder. Searches for “moody living rooms” and “moody kitchens” have doubled compared to a year ago, according to Houzz.  Also, searches for “dark ceiling” styles are up 60% compared to a year ago. The darker tones are in sharp contrast to the bright whites and light grays that have been dominating interiors in recent years. “We see designers on Houzz use dark and moody colors to help make spaces feel cozy and intimate, or bold and dramatic,” the study notes. For example, designers are layering in rich browns and deep reds for a “moody bedroom.”
  3. Reading rooms. “Dark academia” is a scholarly subculture style devoted to reading, writing and learning. It was a popular look in fashion and has now entered the home. Houzz reports that searches for “dark academia” home styles tripled in the first quarter of this year compared to a year earlier. For example, online searches are soaring for the British style “snug” as homeowners look to wall off a cozy area for reading or solitary relaxation. Searches also are rising for terms like “library wall,” “reading corner” and “book nook.”
  4. “Japandi” style. Japanese design is inspiring more home interiors, borrowing from its signatures of simplicity, natural elements and harmonious living spaces. “Japandi” is a term that relates to a hybrid design style of Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian functionality, Houzz notes. Online searches are growing for Japandi kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Also, design aesthetics like “wabi-sabi” and “Zen garden” also are seeing an uptick in online searches, researchers note.
  5. Wellness. Wellness continues to be a top focus in home interiors, with “cold plunge,” “indoor saunas,” “home spas” and “backyard saunas” all gaining more attention from remodelers. Homeowners also want their renovations to bring in more natural light, such as with large windows and skylights, Houzz’s report notes.
  6. Leisure spaces. Hangout spaces are trendy: For example, online searches for “listening rooms” have more than doubled. Also, “living room pianos” are trending, another sign of a stronger desire for specialized areas to enjoy music within the home. Outdoor leisure activities also are gaining popularity, with searches for “bocce court” up 23% and indoor recreational spaces, such as a “bowling alley” and “game room,” up 18% and 16%, respectively.
  7. Kid zones. Along with a growing desire for leisure spaces, areas in the home specially designed for children are growing in popularity. For example, “race car beds,” “Jack-and-Jill bathrooms,” “teen lounge” and “kids’ gaming bedroom” are all seeing an uptick in online searches, according to Houzz’s report.


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