The 7 best clothing rental services for all sizes and budgets: Review

Most of us would like new clothing, but let’s get real, we also have other things to worry about. Between the rising cost of food and housing, refreshing one’s wardrobe can feel financially irresponsible. This is where knowing the best clothing rental companies comes into play.

In 2021, commerce writer Sophie Cannon wrote on the subject after discovering it was how some editors stayed fashionable on a budget. Similarly, when I learned our own New York Post Writer/Editor, Kendall Cornish, was a subscriber of the rental company Nuuly, I was intrigued.

Is renting clothes the secret to staying stylish without going broke? Is this the hidden hack for wedding guest shopping?

As a shopping editor, one would think that I love buying stuff. Want to know a secret? I don’t.

While I’m more than happy to save up for a skincare device like the Lyma laser or add a skincare product — or three — to my cart, for the most part, I’m a frugal gal.

Because I couldn’t possibly test all the rental clothing companies out there, I called on Cornish, Decider Commerce Writer Angela Tricarico, and New York Post Commerce Writer Emma Sutton-Williams to assist. Here is what we found:

Best Clothing Rental Companies

Best Overall: Nuuly

One picture of a woman wearing a red dress, and another picture of a woman in jeans and a white shirt.


  • $15 off first 2 months
  • More than 100 clothing brands, including AGOLDE, Anthropologie, and Free People
  • Extremely fast shipping
  • Offers categorical shopping guidance
  • New brands added regularly


  • Clothing brands and styles skew younger overall
  • Only has clothing; no shoes or accessories
  • Most products are used and may need to be steamed/ironed
How It Works: Subscribe and rent 6 items of clothing at a time. Return by the end of the month, and then select new items. Features: Free shipping and returns, Pause or cancel at any time.

Nuuly is 100% the most beloved clothing rental company in our team. Victoria Giardina, New York Post’s Content Strategist and Commerce Writer, reviewed the service back in 2022, and still recommends it. Cornish, who has been renting from the company “on and off for years, including for the past 5 months,” was more than happy to spill the fashion tea on whether it’s worth your money.

A screenshot of nuuly's rental clothing pricing.

“I’m a fan,” she said. “Not only does Nuuly have hundreds on hundreds of cute items to choose from, but it also makes shopping easy with categories like Rent Top Rated, Rent Trending, and Rent Wear to Work. I love that I have the option to keep whatever I can’t live without for a fraction of the retail price (and I do it often).”

While some clothing rental services we reviewed worked better for specific occasions, most fell short of offering the variety we hoped to see. Nuuly, on the other hand, had a bit of everything. Again, it’s why it received our top spot.

“Nuuly has become a trustworthy mainstay in my life in terms of packing for trips, prepping for events, and refreshing my wardrobe for work and going out,” explained Cornish. “My absolute favorite part? Delivery is absurdly fast. I’ve gotten Nuuly packages delivered everywhere from Arizona to Texas and all over New York, and every time they arrive within 3 days of my choosing my selects.”

A woman walking down the street in a black jumpsuit, carrying a bag.
Commerce Editor Kendall Cornish takes a stroll in her fabulous outfit from NuulyNew York Post

A woman in a black jumpsuit, lifting her leg to show off the pants.
Yes, it’s a jumpsuit!New York Post


Cornish also reported that she can order from the company at the last minute without worrying something won’t arrive on time. Pieces show up as pictured on the site, “sometimes in brand-new condition (with tags).”

“Signing up is easy,” she said. “Simply follow the prompts, pay your first month, and within 2-3 minutes you’re ready to make your selects. As far as what you can expect once you’re in, you can look forward to shopping brands within the URBN network, from Free People to Anthropologie, as well as hundreds of others from Avec Les Filles to Frankies Bikinis, Dockers, Good American, L Space, Lily Pulitzer, and more.”

Sizing varies from brand to brand, and shoppers are limited to what sizing is available. However, Cornish insists it’s worth a try. “Nuuly is amazing at having as much stock as possible so that users rarely encounter size availability issues.” 

Left: A woman in white pants and a cream colored shirt; Right: A woman in a floral skirt and white top, carrying a handbag.


  • First month free
  • A variety of styles ranging from causal to casual-dressy
  • The site also has a maternity department
  • Easy filtering system, so you can quickly find options in your size
  • Recognizable brands like Ann Taylor, Nicole Miller, LOFT, and Express


  • A small selection of brands that cater to those that are plus-size
  • There are lots of basics that work well for mixing and matching, but there isn’t an abundance of statement pieces for those who prefer an edgier or more elevated look
How it works: Select 6 different items for your closet, prioritize the ones you’d like to receive first, and if they’re available, 3 items will arrive at your home. Features: Free shipping and return, Free exchanges, and Free dry cleaning

If you miss shopping malls but also enjoy visiting small boutiques, Haverdash will be up your alley. It has more than a few popular brands, but also includes looks from designers like Vince, and French Connection. Offerings change regularly, and if you’re hunting for something to wear to the office, there are some stylish options like the Mix + Mingle Dress from Nic + Zoe or the Gilli Brown Sleeveless Jumpsuit to choose from.

Three clothing items are sent to your home from your virtual closet, which must be filled with six choices at all times to trigger your next delivery. Items can be filtered by clothing type, size, color, and brand.

A How it Works Page for Haverdash rental clothing company.

I was eager to review Haverdash for this best rental clothing rental companies roundup. Of any of the companies on our radar, I felt it was the one I’d most likely use regularly because of its $59 price point.

Style-wise, I wasn’t nearly as impressed as I was with ModLux.Rent, which I also reviewed. However, I do think most would like the options. There are lots of traditional feminine cuts (think flutter sleeves), floral prints, and pastel colors. If you describe your style as “girly” or lean towards more youthful, fun looks, you’ll probably like it.

I’ve recently moved and currently don’t have a ton in my closet. Because of this, I didn’t have much of anything to create cohesive looks with from what Haverdash offered. However, I did get to enjoy a pair of Rokoko Millennium Pants, as well as the Gaya Midi Dress.

The pants were slightly baggy in the back, but I liked them for the most part.

This dress was super cute. A little low cut for work, so I layered a bandeau top over my bra to disguise the cut out.


I received another skirt by Free The Roses, but it was way too big, though I ordered it in my size. I didn’t see a tag on the inside of the garment, but I can only assume the wrong size was sent. However, I did enjoy the other clothes.

While I didn’t like making sure my closet was stocked with six items at all times (I did have difficulty finding seasonally appropriate items that I was excited about), I think many women will like the offerings enough to test it out themselves. Most are bright, frilly, and very cute.

Left: A woman in a pink suit; Right: A woman in a denim shirt and jeans.


  • $25 for the first month
  • Luxury brands
  • Styles ranging from casual to formal
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cancel membership at any time


  • Navigating the site may feel confusing to those new to renting clothes online.
  • Shoppers can’t fully control which items arrive and when — there were several pieces in my closet that I never got to try
How It Works: Select 12 different items to add to your closet, and then choose which you’d like to ‘dart’ (prioritize). Five options from your closet will arrive at your door. Return to receive more looks from your closet. Features: $25 for your first month ($125 after), Cancel anytime, Free shipping and returns, Free dry cleaning

Champagne taste on a beer budget? ModLux.Rent was made for you.

It was also made for me, apparently, because it wasn’t until I tried the rental company that I learned that I like designer jeans…a lot.

The service has a nice selection of items, including looks from BB Dakota, Rhode, Sundry, and other brands quintessential “cool girls” know.

To start shopping, take the site’s style quiz, and select your size from brands you like. Afterward, you’ll be able to shop for items. Once 12 options are added to your virtual closet, you can select which ones to dart AKA have shipped to you first. Note: this doesn’t mean these are the items that will end up in your first order. It all depends on what’s available.

A How It Works page for ModLuxe.Rent clothing rental company.

ModLux.Rent was the first clothing rental company that I tested, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Style quizzes are typical of platforms like this, but since I don’t own/have never tried most of the brands available, I ended up Googling the ones I recognized and checking out the sizing charts.

This, in my opinion, is a design flaw. Will women who are familiar with the brands have an issue? Probably not. But if you can’t afford a pair of AMO jeans or a top from FARM Rio, why would you know your size in those brands?

Similar to Haverdash, items can be filtered by size, color, or category. I added a few blazers, slacks, two dresses, and jeans from DL1961 Premium Denim and Derek Lam 10 Crosby that I quickly became obsessed with.

Three different pictures of a woman in jeans.
Of all the items I tried, the jeans were my favorite.Holly J Coley

Left: A woman wearing a pink dress; Right: A woman wearing a blazer and black pencil skirt.
This pink dress was a fun option, but the blazer wasn’t my favorite.Holly J Coley


I did two orders with ModLux.Rent. For the second order, there was a delay in shipping, so I emailed the company. Someone responded within 30 minutes. The next time I reached out, it was regarding billing. Again, someone got back to me within minutes of my message. A+, ModLux.Rent. A+.

Of all the things to buy online, clothing is not my favorite, and it’s mainly because of the sizing. It’s hard to know how something will look. My tip? Know your measurements. It makes a world of difference.

Based on the info they have to work with, the site will recommend the best size in that option, but I found it far better to review the sizing chart and go off that. The denim I ordered fit perfectly, and I loved the Vince sweater, which I wore with one pair of jeans even though it was already over 70 degrees out.

If you want to receive more items without sending the ones you have back just yet, you can select ‘return’ in your closet, and the company will automatically ship the next batch. You’re welcome.

That said, I didn’t get to try every item in my closet, as other renters were still holding on to them. Since I only paid $25 for the first round (the second one was gifted), I wasn’t that upset. However, I’d be annoyed if I was paying the full $125.

The company doesn’t loudly advertise it but if you opt out of your membership, you’ll learn there are other rental packages available for a lot less. You’ll receive less clothing in a shipment, but it’s a budget-friendly hack for those who don’t really want to stop using the service.

Overall, I liked it, but I don’t think I could solely rely on ModLux.Rent for all my clothing needs. The waiting for items to be available is a drag, as is not being able to fully control what arrives in your order. It is, however, a great way to discover new brands and enjoy higher-end pieces. While the cost is not doable for everyone, if you have a serious shopping habit, it will probably save you a ton of money. I definitely felt luxurious wearing the items!

Three different models wearing summer clothing on a peach background.
Stitch Fitx


  • No Subscription required
  • Options for plus sizes, as well as petite
  • Stitch Fix also has options for men, as well as children
  • Ability to shop ‘Freestyle’
  • Options from Free People, Madewell, Aldo, Eileen Fisher, and more


  • Freestyle shopping is only available after you’ve worked with a stylist
How It Works: Take the style quiz, and then a stylist will select items according to your taste and budget*. Items are then sent to your home. Keep what you like and send back what you don’t.

*There is a $20 styling fee, which will be credited towards what you buy.

Features: Free shipping and returns, Items starting as low as $32, No subscription required; stylist will prepare other outfit options that are ‘ready to buy,’ based off your previous selections.

If you’re old enough, you’ll recall the time when you could step into a mall and be waited on by someone who worked there. They’d fetch things in your size, and recommend other looks to try on next.

Stitch Fix is sort of like that.

It’s a clothing service that matches shoppers with a remote personal stylist to find exactly what they’re searching for, without leaving home.

Clothes are sent to your home. You try them on. Keep what you like. Send back what you don’t. Technically, it isn’t a clothing rental company. However, it’s similar enough that I think it deserves to be included. Also, I know for a fact you’re searching for it.

A How It Works page for Stitch Fix with images of clothes and a person trying them on.
Stitch Fix

What’s cool about Stitch Fix is that it works with the budget you have, so even if you’re not interested in spending more than $40 on a top, they’ll work within that limit.

There’s a $20 styling fee tacked on, which may feel like a financial bummer. The good news is that it goes towards whatever you keep. Tricarico has been using the clothing service for a few years and highly recommends it.

“If clothing rental services aren’t for me, styled boxes like Stitch Fix definitely are! I’ve been a member for over two years now and continue to come back because each box has clothing items of good quality that actually fit me — major!” she said.

A woman in a white and blue printed dress, taking a selfie.
Tricarico models one of her latest fashion finds from Stitch Fix. Angela Tricarico

For those who frequently find themselves with ‘nothing to wear,’ Stitch Fix can help.

“I typically end up keeping one to three things from each five-item box which has helped me build up a wardrobe over time,” explained Tricarico. “Stitch Fix does give you the option to preview your fix and choose from a handful of selected pieces to have included in your box. If you don’t pick any of them, the stylist will select for you, and the options will be unknown until the box arrives on your doorstep. It’s helped me expand my style horizons by sending items I never thought were my style, trying them on, and finding things that work for me.”

Best for Accessories: Switch

Left: A woman with a Prada handbag; Right: A Chanel purse and necklace


  • Service offers handbags and jewelry from luxury designers such as Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel, and Valentino
  • Offers an affordable way to spice up your wardrobe without adding more clothing to your closet
  • Ability to filter options by what’s available and what’s rented out
  • Switch covers wear and tears
  • Easy way to ‘feel like a queen’ on a regular basis


  • The renter is financially responsible for pieces that are stolen. This is standard practice for rental companies. However, considering that Switch specializes in luxury pieces, this could be a pricey bill if something bad occurs
How It Works: Select a membership plan, which will determine how many pieces can be rented at a time. Make your picks, and then in 2 days, your accessories will arrive. Keep for the month or switch up as many times as you’d like. Features: Free 2-day shipping and returns, Credits earned with each membership, Coverage for minor wear and tear

Sometimes it only takes a new designer bag or piece of fine jewelry to perk up a tired outfit. Switch offers luxury purses and accessories that can be enjoyed for a month, and then sent back for the next trendy piece.

I already had my hands full with the other clothing rental services, so I asked Sutton-Williams to test this best jewelry rental service out under the caret (a bad joke, I know), she’d get to enjoy some luxury bling for a few weeks. She was happy to oblige.

“Switch provides access to everything from luxury handbags to designer jewelry — think Chanel, Dior, YSL, and so much more,” she reported back. “It’s really the dream closet I never had.”

A How It Works page for clothing rental jewelry company Switch.

The jewelry rental service works by Core memberships, starting at $55 per month. There are four different plans in total, and whatever you choose is delivered within two days.

“I chose the most expensive option ($295), Select+, which allowed me to [access] my dream Chanel bag and three Core accessories. And boy, am I glad that I did,” Sutton-Williams said. “Obviously, I had to go out every night with “the bag” and wear my jewelry around town.”

Renters are responsible for paying for stolen accessories, which made Sutton-Williams “a little nervous,” but she liked that the service covers regular wear and tear.

“When I arrived at my friend’s house for drinks the first night the bag came, I placed my Chanel in a canvas tote and kept it far out of reach from children and dogs as a precaution,” she said. “I got more comfortable over the next several days and rode the subway toting what everyone probably assumed was a fake because, obviously, only real Chanels ride in cabs.”

Sutton-Williams wearing her rented Chanel purse.Emma Sutton-Williams

Chanel plus a cocktail equals happiness.Emma Sutton-Willams


While this is completely antidotal, Sutton-Williams noted that beyond luxury designs, another perk of the service was that it opened the door to conversations with strangers. Since people are lonelier than ever, this may be an easy way to make friends.

“A gentleman sitting across the aisle from me struck up a conversation, telling me he bought this same 1995 Small Matelasse Diana Flap Bag for his wife years ago for a wedding anniversary and that it looked ‘lovely’ on me,” she recounted of her subway ride.

“The more I learned about this man, the clearer it became that we weren’t in the same tax bracket, and this bag truly opened doors. If you want to ‘dress for success,’ I highly suggest adding one of the countless designer options from Balenciaga to Dior to your morning routine.”

Sutton-Williams also has a tip for making the most out of the rental service.

“Hot hack: Every Monday through Friday at 5 p.m. PST, the company offers new bags. Ever so often, they do surprise drops on Mondays and Fridays. They also occasionally have sample sales up to 90% off, and if you’re a Switch member, you get first dibs.”

The site also gives a $100 credit when you refer one of your friends to them!

Left: A plus size model in a black shirt and jeans; Right: A plus size model in a floral babydoll dress.
Gwynnie Bee


  • 50% off your first month
  • Clothing options for those 14W-32
  • Unlimited exchanges
  • Brands like DEMOCRACY, Jones New York, and Adrianna Papell


  • Options from certain brands decrease, depending on your size
  • No petite category
How It Works: Add at least six items to your closet, select which ones to dart, and then wait for delivery Features: 50% off your first month, Unlimited exchanges, Free shipping and returns, Free dry cleaning

Even though it’s 2024, there’s not an abundance of clothing rental companies that cater to women size 14 and up. Although Gwynnie Bee offers straight sizes, it also has options for plus-size women, which we’re happy to see.

The platform has a variety of recognizable name brands, and nine different categories, including work dresses, jackets and outerwear, and denim and pants.

After a discussion with Tricarico about the abysmal lack of options for plus-size women, I asked her to review the rental platform, which is known to have a more inclusive range of options than others.

A Hot It Works page for clothing rental company Gwynnie Bee
Gwynnie Bee

“I thought this one would be better,” she said. “I really did! I had high hopes for the service, which has a much wider size range than the other service I tried.”

For reference, Tricarico also tested Rent the Runway, but more on that later.

“Unfortunately, the subscription structure is limiting. If you’re shopping for a specific event, this is not the service for you.

Basically, you have to have six items in your “closet” at any given moment, and once you do, you’ll get two of them mailed to you — the catch? You can’t pick which two. You can pick two as priority items, but you can’t guarantee that you’ll get them (in my first box, I got one of two priority items).”

Tricarico was also disappointed with the actual number of available options once she filtered the looks by her needs.

“The selection is quaint to begin with, but I found that very limited sizes are available for each item and the likelihood of me finding something I liked and then my size not being available was incredibly high. Of the two items I got, I really liked one, but found it a little too fancy to wear to work, and the other didn’t fit. Again, a standard hazard with this kind of thing, but when all you get are two items per box, it’s a little more discouraging.”

A spaghetti strapped dress on a hanger, hanging on a door.
Angela Tricarico

After Tricarico reported back her findings, I decided to do a little digging on the site myself. While I was impressed by the size options and some of the looks, I did notice that choices became limited when I filtered specifically by designer. This is a fashion industry problem, so I don’t put the brunt of the blame Gwynnie Bee. However, to echo Tricarico’s assessment, it’s discouraging.

I do think that of all the rental services, it’s still the best one for plus-size women. I’d recommend using it as a place to shop styles for work or causal “everyday” items, so you’re not let down when trying to find something fancy, like for a wedding or important event.

I’ll also add that I strongly appreciate the use of plus-size models to showcase the clothing (it’s wild how many brands don’t do this). I hope other companies follow Gwynnie Bee’s example.

Best with Free and Fast Shipping: Armoire

Left: A woman in a floral midi-dress and boots; Right: a woman in a black jumpsuit


  • For those on the go, signing up and shopping your curated closet is a breeze.
  • The stylists are on-call and ready to help you not only pick items but style them and create personalized closets.
  • Size inclusive, with offerings for extended sizing for many items.
  • Perfect for the working woman, more conservative options, mid-tier designer items.
  • Returning is easy with prepaid labels and a reusable shipping envelope.


  • You cannot view all the items in the inventory at once and must click around your curated closet, on their other feeds or ask for a new stylist-made selection.
  • Not for top-tier designers nor is it for the latest youthful trends.
How It Works: Take a style quiz, select your items (the number depends on the selected plan), and then wait for your package to arrive. Enjoy for a month before returning for a new batch of clothing. Features: Free shipping and returns, Coverage for minor damage, Free personal styling

As I previously mentioned, Cannon was our original commerce team member who reviewed the best clothing rental companies. I wasn’t able to get my hands on Armoire this time around, so it’s fortunate that she did when she first wrote this story.

She dubbed it “the clothing rental and personal styling service for the working woman” and was impressed by the “abundance of stunning blazers, slacks, and midi-dresses from mid-tier designer brands like Scotch & Soda, French Connection, Theory, Diane Von Furstenberg and Nicole Miller.”

A How It Works page for clothing rental service Armoire

She tried the month-long unlimited membership, which is $149 per month. It allows shoppers to six items at a time with unlimited swaps throughout the rental period.

There are other memberships, such as the 7-Item Plan at $99 per month, and the 4-Item Plan, which is $89 per month. Each comes with free dry cleaning, shipping and returns, and personal styling!

Cannon’s stack of clothing from Armoire. Sophie Cannon

“Signing up and getting started is streamlined and easy, with a three-pronged quiz to start,” Cannon explained.

“After choosing what sort of style you are looking for, what occasions you need outfits for such as work or vacation, and plugging in your measurements, a closet is created just for you. You will also need to pick a subscription model, with options for four items per month, seven items per month, or the unlimited plan in which you can rent six items at a time but return and re-rent as many times as you want, which is the one I opted for.”

Sophie Cannon stands on a rooftop wearing white and gray striped shorts and a black top
The lightweight linen shorts from Sanctuary were perfect for a more casual event, like a rooftop hangout on a hot summer night. Sophie Cannon

Sophie Cannon stands next to a flower arrangement, holding a bouquet and wearing a long dark blue dress with a slit and white sneakers
The linen navy blue dress was perfect for a pop-up flower event in Manhattan, for something simple to wear amongst the flowers. Sophie Cannon


Sophie Cannon stands in a pink floral dress and heels in front of a giant globe at the US Open
Renting was the way to go for the US Open, so I could dress the part of having box seats but not actually have to go shopping for it. Sophie Cannon


Cannon took advantage of the personal styling through the site’s chat function. “After [sharing] that I was looking for more summery items with a youthful flair, they created another 70-item closet in just under 30 minutes — very impressive.”

She also loved how fast the free shipping was, a feature I think most of us can appreciate.

“A huge factor of Armoire that I loved was their speed, as in addition to how quick their stylists work, their shipping and delivery was also super fast, shipping out one day later and arriving at my home after two more business days,” she explained.

“As for the actual clothes, I ordered five dresses and one pair of shorts, and from those, half of the items fit. This wasn’t too surprising, as with any rental service it does take a few tries to really get to know how the brands fit, but all in all I was thrilled with my first try and walked away with a dress for the US Open, a summery dress from Sanctuary and a pair of shorts for a rooftop party.”

Left: A model in a green dress; Right: A model in a green vest and matching pants.
Rent The Runway


  • A ton of options for formal affairs, including bachelorette parties, showers, and weddings
  • Bridal party outfits
  • Option to buy items at a discounted price
  • Fast shipping
How It Works: Select the date the items are needed for, pick your garments, and then five will be sent to your door. Return to receive more. Features: 25% off one-time rentals, Free 1-3 day shipping, Heavily discounted clearance section for those that want to buy designer clothing

Rent The Runway is the OG of clothing rental services. It launched in 2009 and offered designer items. By 2010, it had expanded to offer accessories as well, and by 2013 it had a plus-size category.

I used the company pre-pandemic for a wedding I had to attend. I was sent three dresses — two of the same style in separate sizes, and another. Both were by Monique Lhuillier.

For me, the process was easy. I selected the outfits, plus the dates I needed them for. They arrived on time, and after I was through, I shipped them all back in the prepaid shipping bag.

A woman in a yellow designer dress.
Holly J Coley

I enjoyed my experience but was curious how someone else on my team may feel about the service. I asked Tricarico to give it a try.

A How It Works page for clothing rental service Rent The Runway
Rent The Runway

“Long before I knew about the wealth of clothing rental options out there, I knew about Rent the Runway,” said Tricarico. “It had always seemed like the gold standard to me, so imagine my disappointment when I signed up to get some cute summer dresses and found nearly nothing in my size.”

As previously mentioned, Tricarico is plus-size and petite.

“I’m a 2XL or an XXL and go between an 18 and 20 in numbered sizes — in 2024, it should not be this hard for me to shop for rental clothing. The selection is just not what it should be.”

Rent The Runway, also referred to as RTR, gives the option of renting 10 items in a month for $87. Five pieces ship at a time. There’s also an option to receive one shipment of five items for $79.

“In an order of five items, I was only able to find three things in both my size and style, and when I got the package, none of those items fit despite being my size. That’s obviously a danger with any online shopping where you can’t try on the clothes, but it was definitely [disheartening]. For the final two items in my shipment, I let my sister (a size small) pick, and she got luckier than I did. Both the top and dress she picked fit perfectly.”

Left: A woman in a top and jeans; Right: A woman in an orange dress.
Tricarico’s sister, who is a size small. Angela Tricarico

The items are packaged really well and shipping was quick,” Tricario added. “I do give RTR kudos for that. But overall, it’s not something I’d recommend to anyone who falls outside the arbitrary boundary of ‘straight sizes.’ If your style skews more casual, it may also be harder to find things to fit your look — RTR seems to be primarily ‘business casual’ and fancier.”

Similar to Gwynnie Bee, Rent The Runway has a variety of looks and the price point is excellent, especially compared to buying the items outright. However, like in brick-and-mortar stores, sizing options may be limited, depending on who you are. To say this is unfortunate is an understatement and I hope someone eventually fills this gap within the marketplace.

How do clothing rental companies work?

Most clothing rental companies work similarly: select a plan, pick the specified number of items, and then wait for them to be delivered.

All the companies we reviewed offered free shipping and return with a prepaid shipping container included. The number of items you’re allowed to have out at a given time will depend on the individual service.

Subscriptions can typically be paused or canceled at any time, but it’s important to still pay attention to billing dates. If you suspend your account after a billing period has ended, you may still be charged for the last month, regardless if you rented anything or not.

Do people rent designer clothes?

Yes, people do rent designer clothes.

In fact, renting designer clothes can be a more economical choice than owning, especially if you only need something for a special occasion or you’re a frequent shopper.

One rental clothing company we reviewed with designer looks is ModLux.Rent. It specializes in luxury brands and carries everything from Nicole Miller to Derek Lam 10 Crosby.

Another rental platform to find designer options is Rent The Runway. Along with designers like Red Valentino, Balenciaga, and Coach, there’s also wedding attire, accessories, and a clearance section with looks that can be purchased for up to 79% off!

Why is renting clothes better than buying?

Renting clothes can be better than buying for a variety of reasons.

  1. Budget-friendly: Purchasing clothing, especially regularly, can be expensive. While a single pair of women’s jeans or a linen dress can cost $50 or more, many clothing rental services charge less than $100 to take out several different items at a single time. Furthermore, some give the option to purchase the items at a discounted price, which saves you money.
  2. Environmentally Conscious: According to Green America, more than three million tons of clothing are incinerated in America each year. This is not only wasteful but leads to additional pollution. Similarly, producing clothes, especially those that are not made through sustainable practices, taxes the environment. For those seeking a smaller fashion footprint, renting clothes instead of buying is an eco-friendly alternative. It reduces the number of items being thrown away and puts less stress on the planet.
  3. Better quality items for less money: Renting clothes instead of buying them is a great way to experience high-quality or luxury items for less. Free dry cleaning and shipping are often included in the price of a membership, as well, which also saves the shopper money.
  4. A way to cut back on fashion fatigue: We’ve all experienced moments when we’re bored or tired of what’s in our closet. Those who use a clothing rental company can experience new looks regularly without spending a lot. Many services will change inventory on a seasonal basis, if not more often, so members have a constant stream of new options to select from.
  5. Accessibility: Depending on where you live, you may not have access to certain brands. Renting clothes not only gives the opportunity to discover new designers but allows shoppers to wear items they may not find in their stores.

Although there are benefits to buying clothes, renting offers a simple way to participate in fashion trends or experiment with new looks. It’s budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and ideal for those who don’t want the commitment of purchasing something they may not like a year later.

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